Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Introducing the Sexy in Pink Princess Punk Collection!

With over 43 new items, The store is packed with new goodies! This line is punk inspired and made for the club, for hanging out, or any other time you want to define your sexy attitude! It is specifically designed to mix n' match to create your own fun look!

In the store you can buy the items seperately as shown below:

More Details (and cheaper discount packs)-

**SIP** Corsets

**SIP** Cut Me Tops

**SIP** Designer Graphic T's- different styles =)

**SIP** Triangle Tops

Corsets, T's, Sexy tops- you are sure to find a top that you love! And now for the bottoms:

** SIP** Wet Look Black Leggings w/ sculpts

**SIP** Lace up skirts, all prim skirts, prim belt

**SIP** Vinyl Fetish Zip Mini

**SIP** Tutu Skirts- tulle and ribbon =)

And finally some tights and leggings to add that finishing touch to your look!

I hope you enjoy wearing this fun line, as much as I enjoyed painting it!
Kirsten Corleone
Sexy in Pink Owner

Sexy in Pink has moved!

Hello Sexy Pink Ladies!

I had some problems in both lives actually, lol, and so I took a few months off SL. I needed the time away after years of working so hard here. However, I am back with a vengenace! I want to say thank you to everyone that stayed in the SL group. Between my two groups, SL and subscribo we have almost 3,000 Pink Ladies!! even after my time off!

Since I have been back, I have heard from so many of you that you are so glad I am back and creating. It was so nice to be missed!! Thank you for being there for me and welcoming me back!

Here is the new store location:

Kirsten Corleone
Sexy in Pink Owner

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Hello Sexy People,

Wow lots of news!
Sexy in Pink celebrated our year anniversary on May 3rd and 4th with a huge 50 or 100L sale. After the year anniversry sale, we closed the store for remodeling.
Over the next three weeks, I moved to my own island called SIP, totally rebuilt, and remodeled the store. YEAH- my own island, woohoo!
On May, 26, 2008, I re-opened Sexy in Pink with a new island, new store, and 31 new designs! Sexy in Pink is ready for year 2!
I want to thank all of YOU, my customers, that have made my store a success and my expansion possible! I am excited for what the summer will bring. I work a full time job in RL--- BUT not in the summer! I am off work for the next few months, and expect LOTS of hot clothes! WOOHOO! Let's look at some of the 31 new designs:

1) The Minidress- Sexy in Pink brings you the first installment of the sexy new minidress. Starting with 9 dresses, with more planned and on the way- this line definitely speaks of "dressed to kill." The Minidresses are deisgned to mix and match and layer and even wear with pants for a longertunic shirt look over pants. Basically you pick your solid color and layer a transparen hologram dress on top, for lots of interesting looks!

If you layer the above two dresses: It looks like this:

Then 7 solid colors can also be worn seperately or layered under a hologram, This is Periwinkle n' Pink. The solids have some sexy nip action.

2) **SIP** Jean Skirt and Sassy saying T's

3) **SIP** Retro Print Dresses- retro inspired print babydoll dresses with satiny elements and a flexi bow.

4) **SIP** Pizazz Bikini! Available in 7 shimmery colors!

Lots of color choises and fit decisions: have fun. I am so glad to be back with a vengeance. HUGS and kisses

Sunday, February 24, 2008

October to February News =)

Wow, it should be obvious my distaste for blogging! Actually, its just that i am bad at it. I had SUCH a hard time getting the pictures and words where i wanted them. Actually, that is the problem, I never could.

So my last post was 4 months ago. NOT because Sexy in Pink has not updated and had news! In fact we have updated with 66 new outfits (in the last 4 months), had two fashion shows, celebrated our 6 month mark in November with a weekend 50% off sale, did a 12 days of Christmas event with 12 free outfits, installed scripted SMART SKIRTS in most of the skirts in our store, and had numerous clothes giveaways in the store. Plenty to blog about. Wish i knew how to make my way around this place!

I think I will throw a few of those 66 outfits i missed blogging about in here, or try. It will most likely result in pictures and text in horrible mismatch juxtaposition, but oh well! =)

1) **SIP** Black Glitter Sequins
Sexy and glamorous is what you will be in this design. Made out of black glitter sequin fabric, this texture is stunning! It comes with a sexy tie back halter top, mini skirt, booty shorts with a silver loop belt, thigh highs and strappy silver stilletos!

2) **SIP** Opposites Attract-
Black and White is a color combination that is anything but boring in the "Opposites Attract" dress. A one-shouldered bodice on the dress is finished with a dramatic black embroidered pattern that flows with the curves and angles of the body, creating an undeniably alluring sillhoute. Two dramatic lace skirt options in a short skirt or an asymetrical hemline make this dress the answer to the question of which dress will replace the "Little Black" one this spring.

3) **SIP** Jennie
There's something to be said for the animal attraction that inspires the "Jennie" outfit. The drape of the handkerchief halter is accented by shading in the perfect places. The point dips to just above the waistband of a leopard print skirt that is polished with black lace onlong its upper thigh grazing edge.

4) **SIP** Glitter PVC Knockout
Sometimes a girl just wants to have fun and that's exactly what she's going to find in the "Glitter PVC Knockout." A cheeky pink glitter PVC bra top is accented along the bottom edge with a black PVC belt. Another black PVC belt adorns the top of the low-slung, sexy hip hugger pants. These pants will give you the most amazing "bounce a quarter of" booty! This design is available in 5 color options: Fuschia, Cobalt, Midnight, Red, or Lime.

5) **SIP** Sweetheart
Every girl needs a sexy little outfit to catch his attention and the "Sweetheart lingerie" will do just that. A bra that can be worn on its own or with the fluttering baby doll layer is accented with red hearts and red trim. The babydoll hits mid hip, falling over the thin leg of an unbelievably sexy, skimpy thong. Available in Red and Pink.

6) **SIP** Emilly
A sweet party dress in a feminie soft pink, Emilly will make you feel beautiful. A deep V in the patterned halter top is balanced by a waist slimming belt and the flare of the soft pink skirt. The subtle patterned details on both pieces are reminiscent of sequins.

7) **SIP** Lisa
Yellow accented with black and white polka dots in the form of a sexy little tube dress. Perfect shading in the soft yellow dress give it a sense of drape and fit as it holds tight to the hip before dipping out into a flared skirt. The sweet detail of a ribbon halter falls in to a drapey bow along the breast bone.

OK So 7 out of 66. I might throw a few more up too, never know.
HUGS, Kirsten Corleone
Sexy in Pink Owner =)

Monday, October 29, 2007

October 22, 2007 UPDATE

1) Flirts Lounge Too- Pink Jammies with Pink Bunny Slippers

2) **SIP** Latin Dancing Dresses- We are all STARS in SL and now we can dance with them in this sassy latin dancing costume. It comes in 3 different color choices, black and silver pictured. Salsa anyone?

3) **SIP** Houndstooth Day to Night Suit- Houndstooth is big in the fashion industry this season, and its uber cute in this sexy suit. It comes with a jacket, skirt, cami, and back lined thigh highs.

4) **SIP** Red Romance- Flirty and romantic, but still with sex appeal sums up this casual ensamble. Hand drawn jeans, cami, and ruffle top with prim sleaves and front flexi sash are included. Look for a Romance Extension Pack coming soon with more shirt color options =)

5) **SIP** Under Construction- Comfy Carpenter jeans are paired with a classic black button up shirt. (MENS)

6) **SIP** Retro- 1950's for the guys! Elvis shirt, retro deco shirt, 50's jeans, and wingtip shoes included in this great pack. Shoo bop a bop bam boo!

Really posted July 8, 2007

ON July 8th I posted the first blog entry, on a blog: "I opened Sexy in Pink about two months ago on April 29, 2007. We had an excellent grand opening party! Since then I have almost doubled the amount of designs offered in the store, remodeled and expanded the store, and had so much FUN doing it all!! I am not really sure how to customize this blog, lol, but I am sure i will figure it out eventually! I hope to keep you all informed about new products, sales, and events through this blog, as well as, interacting on a personal level with all of the amazing women who have become devoted sexy in pink customers! I am so grateful for all of the gorgeous women who have visited my store and proudly wear my designs. Thank you so much for visiting the blog.
Kirsten Corleone =)))"

Well, was too hard! So I am now trying blogspot. So far, I have added the store logo and a post, with much less effort! =) So I guess it will be blogspot for Sexy in Pink in Second Life.